Urban Design London.                                                                                                                 

These videos were recorded on 4th July 2007 at Urban Design London's Urban Designers' Day. 
Around 100 designers from both the private and public sectors came along to listen to these talks, discuss hot design topics, suggest how best to resource design quality, think about what skills designers need and of course meet each other and have some fun. 
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Esther Kurland

Esther Kurland. Director of Urban Design London.

An introduction to Urban Design London and the proceedings.


Richard Simmons

Richard Simmons. Executive Director CABE

Design Champions and their role. How do you know if your organisation is equipped to deliver good design? A checklist / self assessment tool for design quality indicators.


Peter Bishop

Peter Bishop
Director of Design for London

The role of DfL and how it is shaping incremental changes to London in order to improve the city and appreciation of it.

Richard Rogers

Richard Rogers
Discussing the elusive yet substantive quality of beauty.

What is the relationship between beauty, culture and value within the urban realm?