Urban Design London and Urban Design Group Multimedia : Hans Monderman             

Hans Monderman has been one of the most significant influences on the current debate about the design of streets and spaces in the UK. A traffic engineer and road safety specialist from Northern Holland, he is celebrated as the pioneer of shared space as a means to influence speed and driver behaviour.

Monderman has been the inspiration behind scores of towns and villages which work without road markings, traffic signs, signals, kerbs, barriers and bollards. ‘Most engineers, when faced with a problem, try to add something,’ he says. ‘My instinct has always been to take something away.’
Our first clip includes a short introduction by Rob Cowan. Then Hans explains his approach, work and experiences. We have split his talk into 4 sections to help with the streaming, but these are only loosely themed and we suggest you try and watch all if you can.

Copyright: Esther Kurland. Director. Urban Design London


An event jointly organised and funded by the Urban Design Group & Urban Design London.